Administrative Wing

We offer a list of administrative services that can be conducted on your behalf be tailor structured to best suit your needs.

  1. Establishment of Firms and Private Limited (Pvt. Ltd.) Companies in Pakistan under SECP rules
  2. Establishment of your company’s Administration Department with qualified management and lower Management staff.
  3. Administrative survey for your outlet(s) to determine your need for staff and related equipment.
  4. Purchase of all administrative, office equipment on wholesale rates on your behalf to save you money and valuable time.
  5. Provision of pre-screened staff for Administrative duties and labor force on daily and monthly basis, as specified by your company.
  6. All Accounting services for our clients are done by a highly professional team of Accountants. This includes Income Tax Returns, Sales Tax and Audit.
  7. Representative services to companies to look after their interest in Pre-qualification meetings, Tender call and Tender opening.
  8. Collection of Bad Debts of all financial institutions using in-house resources.
  9. Repossession of vehicles and other assets for financial institutions, private companies.

Security Wing

  1. Establishment of a Private Security Company through SECP.
  2. Establishment of a Security Department with trained professionals.
  3. Security Awareness training for executives and staff for private multinationals. This may include Terrorism, Ambush, Kidnapping, Bomb threat, Self protection, Home security, Anti Hijacking, Security of Information and Documentation and all other aspects of Safety. This can be conducted at either your facility or ours.
  4. Security Equipment: We provide all kinds of security equipment to our clients at very reasonable rates. We are set to carry out all kind of purchase and deliver at the door step of the client. Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, CCTVs, Fire fighting products, Bullet proof Jackets and Ballistic Glasses, to name a few as an example. See the full list here.
  5. Executive Protection & Protocol Services to all multinational firms for its guests to and from the airports, hotel and place of meeting with armed escort, officer and guards.
  6. Security Survey of your outlet(s) to ascertain requirements of Security Staff and all related equipment.
  7. Selection of Security Company best suited for your Area/ Location, as there are over 200 security companies operating in Karachi alone.
  8. Investigations: Conducting investigations/inquiries pertaining to any theft (including theft from warehouses and moving containers), robbery, pilferage, embezzlement and fraud including recovery and lodging of FIR
  9. Intellectual Property Rights Services. To curb the illicit activities which siphon profits and erode the integrity of trademarks, copyrights and patents. Our in-house High Court Attorney can also assist for litigation purposes, should there be any need.
  10. Acquisition of foreign and domestic firearms (NON-PROHIBITED) and superb weaponry with a facility of providing Arms Licenses from the local government.
  11. Procurement of all kinds of weapon licenses under the rules and regulations of the Government of Pakistan
  12. We provide Armored Fleet for your foreign clients on daily, weekly and monthly basis

Human Resources Wing

  1. Establishment of HR department with staff and all necessary equipment with required printed stationary and computer software.
  2. We can advertise jobs on your behalf, short listing and conduct first interview.
  3. All background checks, including documentation submitted with a report on all previous employment history.
  4. Verification of all personnel on all levels hired by your Human Resource Department, including all management staff.

Project Wing

  1. We take projects in hand which are designed by an architect. We provide complete Administration and Purchases to Individuals and firms
  2. We also carry out real estate survey for valuation, price of assets and Inspection of property.
  3. We carry our detail survey of your project, Provide you guide line in Administration, Security, route security, Project security, Security for staff all level.

Training Wing

We provide detailed state-of-the-art trainings emulating real-life scenarios and environments.

  1. Security awareness
  2. Security tips
  3. Anti-terrorism training
  4. Anti-terrorism Car Driving
  5. Training Details

Security Equipment Wing

We provide all kinds of security equipment to our clients at very reasonable rates. We are set to carry out all kind of purchase and deliver at the door step of the client.

  1. Alarm Systems
  2. Access Control Systems
  3. CCTVs
  4. Fire fighting products
  5. Bullet proof jackets
  6. Ballistic Glasses/Bullet Proof Glasses for Cars
  7. Walk through gates
  8. Hand-held metal detectors
  9. Hand-held weapon detectors
  10. Hand-held explosive detectors
  11. X-ray Security Screening Systems
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